Tai Chi Stress Mastery ™ is training for “living in the moment” — the practice of moving through life with awareness, intent, balance, and flow. It is a system of continuous improvement in the skills needed to respond appropriately to life situations and minimize chronic stress. The essential principles are derived from a deep understanding of Tai Chi.

Success is determined by your willingness to one thing, and do it well.



“You are what you practice most.” – Richard Carlson

Practice leads to mastery.

If you desire to live a tranquil life, it will be necessary to practice the proven skills that will bring about the change in the way you use your mind and body.  You can become the master of your stress — with practice.

The following questions will be addressed here:

  • What skills are required for TCSM practice?
  • Is it easy to create the habit of practice?
  • Where and when should TCSM be practiced?

What is Your Goal?

Make it your intention to move mindfully, meaningfully, and well-balanced throughout your day and in your life, with enough energy to be productive, enjoy life, and cope with modern-day sources of distress.

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