The Beginning and Continuation of Change

If you want to make significant changes in your life, choose the path of practice and change your behavior and habits. 

Take a few minutes to ponder. Is your life stressful? Is there anything you can do about it?

If your days are filled with excessive tension, shallow breathing patterns, and an anxious and cluttered mind, you are suffering from chronic stress.  When poorly managed it can lead to serious health consequences.

Tai Chi has been practiced for centuries and has been found to be very beneficial for managing long-term stress. The movements of Tai Chi flow continuously one into the other (as do the events of life) and promote serenity and contentment.  It is the mental focus of the mind leading the body with slow, smooth, continuous movements and regular, deep breathing (restoring calmness, strength, and energy) that makes the daily habit of Tai Chi practice one of the best ways to reduce stress and promote well-being. 

You are invited to discover a way of moving through life that balances stress.  Tai Chi Stress Mastery ™ (TCSM) is a system of participant-focused programs developed for personal energy, relaxation, and stress response training.  It involves the exploration of the holistic principles of Tai Chi, which are derived from a deep understanding of nature, and the application of these principles to the mind and body.  Just as playing music is an art of practice, so is Tai Chi Stress Mastery ™.

Practice creates habits, and habits create mastery of any process or skill.  On your path of daily practice, you will develop long-lasting and stress-reducing habits that are formed slowly and steadily, taking small steps to continuously improve the way you respond to the stress in your life.  

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